2019 Dates TBD

Held at the Smyrna, Stewarts Creek and Riverdale Campuses

Child Dedication is a time to publicly commit to put God first in your home and to trust in Him as your source of direction as you lead your family. It is also a time for you to share with your closest friends and family what is most important to you and to ask them for their prayers and support.

Child dedication has been moved to the fall this year. The primary reason for the change of date is to allow us to strengthen the training and celebration elements to be even more meaningful and helpful for families. Along with the change of date, there are other exciting changes, one of which is that child dedication will be held at all three local campuses on Sunday morning. We realize the importance of having child dedication at your campus in order for your church family to be a part of your commitment to raising your children in the fear and instruction of the Lord.




*This event is not infant baptism. We believe that when people are old enough to understand what it means to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, they should have the opportunity to make that choice for themselves. A preschooler is not able to understand sin, forgiveness, the sacrifice our Savior made for us, and what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This event is about your commitment as parents to lead your children into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ so that as they get older, you are able to guide them and to help them understand what that means.